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iögo is a brand of great tasting yogurt and dairy products designed by Canadians for Canadians. We have put a lot of heart into creating our products because we believe that yogurt is a beautiful food… and the more people who can enjoy its goodness, the better. iögo is owned by Canadian dairy farmer cooperatives. The creation and innovation behind the brand were guided by the single goal of providing a natural taste. The brand has eight different product lines: iögo, iögo 0% (fat-free yogurt that also comes in a few flavours with stevia extract), iögo Probio (probiotic yogurt that also has lactose-free flavours), iögo Greko (Greek yogurt), iögo Moment (indulgent yogurt), iögo Nomad (drinkable yogurt with lactose-free flavours), iögo Zip (tube yogurt that can be eaten frozen) and iögo Nano (fresh cheese and drinkable yogurt for children). All iögo products are gelatine-free with no artificial flavours or colours. They are also preservative-free, except for the iögo 0% line. Thanks to unique recipes, iögo has over 40 flavours.

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