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Board Members

Armand Lavoie, Director

Armand has been an Agrifoods Delegate since 2015 and was elected as a Director in the spring of 2022. With expertise in business strategy, corporate finance, and governance, he brings a unique blend of experience in dairy farming and corporate agrifood. In addition to his previous role as the Managing Director of Foragen Technology Ventures, Armand also served on different boards, including Chromatin Inc., MCN BioProducts, Cevena Bioproducts, Radient Technologies, GuardEn Technologies, Codena Inc, AgWest Bio, and Saskatchewan Nutraceutical Network.

For Armand, dairy has always been a part of his life. His grandfather started their family farm in 1953 in the Peace River region of Alberta, and he fondly remembers helping out as a young boy. Armand became a partner in the business in 1988, and in 2020 he took on more responsibility as the President, working with their Lead Herdsman, Supervisors and Managers going through progress on operations.

“I am keen on running dairy farms as a business – always looking for ways to improve our operations, using all types of tools (such as benchmarking), and learning from our peers. I am also very passionate about the genetics side, especially with Holsteins. I like to see the operational progress in farming and how it helps the business.”

When he’s away from the farm, Armand spends his leisure time curling, hiking, or playing cards with his three daughters. He also enjoys travelling, particularly to Italy, since he is an avid wine connoisseur. When asked what he would like to do when he retires, Armand admits that he sees himself enjoying a combination of pleasure activities and work, where he can continue to support the family farm and be on boards.

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