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Board Members

Mike Barnum, Director

Mike has been an Agrifoods Delegate since 2017 and was elected as a Director on the Board in 2020. As the current Chair for the Finance & Audit Committee, he can showcase his leadership skills and contribute to the success of the cooperative. Having served on a few boards in the dairy genetic industry, Mike enjoys representing other dairy producers and contributing to the growth of the Canadian dairy industry.

“It really ties everything together – what we do on the farm in our day-to-day operations to the manufacturing and marketing side for our consumers. I love the diversity of the brands within the Agrifoods portfolio and believe it is one of the co-op’s great strengths for long-term success!”

Having grown up on a dairy farm in Ontario, Mike moved to British Columbia in 2012 to farm with his wife’s family in Abbotsford, who all take great pride in working with the animals, while creating a quality consumer product. One unique aspect of their farm operations is that they have 3 separate dairy farms (an organic farm, a grass-fed farm, and a conventional farm). As much as Mike thrives on the challenges of running these farms and loves the diversity of work, he also balances his time working for STgenetics as the Western Canadian Sales Manager.

Mike values spending time with his wife and their 3 children and feels it’s really special to watch them grow up on a farm. In his free time, he enjoys watching hockey and is an avid Maple Leafs fan.

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