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Mai 24, 2021 Financial Post

Move over porridge: Oat milk is whipping up an international frenzy and Canada is lapping it up

One of the world's top producers, Canada could cash in on the oat boom if it picks up the pace. Wallace Espresso’s weekly order of oat milk is starting to rival what it receives in cow’s milk. The small chain of coffee shops in downtown Toronto brings in as many as 21 cases — 252 litres — of oat milk per week. That’s far more than any other milk substitute and about half the company’s weekly supply of whole milk.
Avr 12, 2021 Media Release

New North American Scientific Study suggests a2 Milk™ may cause fewer symptoms of lactose intolerance

A new clinical study conducted by Dr. Dennis Savaiano, Professor of Nutrition at Indiana's Purdue University Meredith, indicates that some people who suffer stomach discomfort after drinking conventional milk may have significantly reduced symptoms if they consume milk that contains only the A2 beta casein protein type and is A1 protein free.
Fév 02, 2021 Media Release

Organic Meadow, Canada’s Original Organic Dairy, will be Loop’s exclusive Canadian dairy beverage partner

Organic Meadow Limited Partnership ("Organic Meadow"), has partnered with global sustainability leader, Loop, and officially launched on the platform this week. Loop is a state-of-the-art reuse shopping platform and home delivery system, designed to eliminate waste by offering consumers their favourite household products in reusable, refillable, zero-waste packaging formats.
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