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Mar 11, 2020 Media Release

Agrifoods Cooperative Signs Exclusive Canadian Licensing Agreement with The a2 Milk Company

Agrifoods Cooperative (Agrifoods) has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with The a2 Milk Company (a2MC) for a2 Milk® brand milks in Canada. a2 Milk® is a registered trademark of, and brand of A1 protein-free milk from a2MC, a global organization with proven success in growing the dairy industries in the markets in which it operates including Australia where it has now achieved over 11% market share.
Apr 07, 2019 Strategy Online

Happy Planet puts on a smiling face

Can “a little act of happy bring us together?” Happy Planet, the juice and smoothie division of plant-based dairy alternative company Earth’s Own, is trying to prove that it does in a digital campaign focusing on the good that comes from supporting ethically sourced “superfoods.”
Apr 02, 2019 Media Release

The plant-based movement is hitting the mainstream, with Earth’s Own leading the push

Pioneering plant-based beverage company, Earth’s Own, re-emerged today onto the market with a new design, simplified product line and a rallying call to join the plant-based revolution. Through this fresh re-brand and new eye-catching packaging, the Canadian-based company is educating the nation about the positive impact a plant-based lifestyle has on both the planet and people, and aims to ignite a movement change at a time when nearly half of Canadians want to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets.
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